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Podcast cover for the final episode of 2021 with Judith, Delphine and Melissa

The Flora and Friends Christmassy Mystery Plant Challenge

Have fun learning more about one of our traditional end of the year holiday associated plants!

December was the time for our Christmassy Mystery Plant Challenge! We guided you with two short episodes through clues that describe our mystery plant. You can still listen to these episode below or on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast or Deezer.

Among all right guesses we drew three winners, one of an apron, one of a cushion cover and one of a tote bag. Congratulations Anne, Gabriella and ‘Blundbloom’ to your win and great guessing!

Below you can now listen to the revelation episode where Melissa, Delphine and Judith lift the secret! We also explain what our clues refer to and why this plant has a fascinating lifestyle. Lastly, we share how we relate to this plant personally for our end of the year traditions.

The first clues are in this episode

And for more clues listen to this second episode.

Our revelation of the Christmassy Mystery plant

Poppy capsule apron in yellow
Heather stem apron
Cushion covers from maple and poppy under the microscope
Cushion covers with designs from heather and poppy

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