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Rose Geranium Oil – Luxurious chemistry

What to expect

My interview guest for this episode is Karen Swanepoel, executive director of the South African Essential Oil Producers Association, botanist, lecturer, researcher and expert on essential oils and vegetable oils in South Africa.

In this interview we discuss:
– How the three Pelargonium species P. graveolens, P. capitatum and P. radens give traits to the P. var rosé hybrid for essential oil production
– Why none of the species alone would be able to provide the essential oil
– Which factors influence the chemical composition of the oil in the plant
– For what purpose the plant produces the oil
– How the oil is extracted and the process is further optimized for energy and resource efficiency
– What the rose geranium essential oil production means for South Africa’s socio-economy

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Picture of a monochromatic plant microscopy pattern of pelargonium stems

A new Pelargonium pattern released

Have you seen our new released Pelargonium pattern yet? It features cells in a Pelargonium flower stem. We have selected a monochromatic scale for this one. The original microcopy image shows a cross-section through the Pelargonium flower stem. It was stained with Fast Green.

Pelargonium section through a flower stem

Pelargonium souvenirs

This is the second Pelargonium pattern that we are releasing to celebrate our podcast series also in a visual way. The pattern is available in our Society6 print on demand shop. Get your cup, notebook, cushion etc. with pelargonium prints to match the pelargonium on your windowsill. If you want to see the other Pelargonium pattern that we have released, click here and scroll to the end of the page. 

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