Pre-order Linen table cloth – Pine year ring

This table cloth features our pine yearring pattern. The pattern is made by growth rings of wood in the stem of a pine tree. The large round structure is a resin duct and the other cells are tracheids involved in water transport and ray cells important for radial transport through the stem and storage.

The table cloth is sized 140cm x 240 cm (55 x 95 inch)

This product is in production and ships in May. To reserve it please place your order.


950.00 kr1,250.00 kr


Product: Linen table cloth 140 x 240 cm (55 x 95 inch)

Material: 100% linen (185 gsm), grown and woven (in an OEKO-Tex certified mill) in the Baltic area, printed and sewn in Lithuania.

Pattern: This pattern features year rings in the stem of a pine tree.

Recommended care: Machine wash at 40°C. Can shrink ca 5% in first wash.

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