Pencil case- maple leaf

Pencil case with upcycled jeans lining. The pattern originates from the veins in a maple leaf under the microscope. A leaf vein network resembles a road map with highways, arterial and collector roads down to small roads. Leaf veins are a transportation network for sugars, water, and nutrients throughout the leaf. The pencil case comes with a small microscope charm attached to the zipper.

Our pencil cases are sewn in Sweden. They make a great gift-package together with one of our notebooks.

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Product: Pencil case with zipper closure. 21 long, 7cm wide bottom, 7cm high. Triangular shape.

Material: Outer side 100% linen (185 gsm), grown and woven in Belarus (in an OEKO-Tex certified mill), printed and sewn in Lithuania. Lining: upcycled jeans (black). The pencil cases are sewn in Umeå, Sweden.

Pattern: Maple leaf veins

Recommended care: Machine wash at 40°C.

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