Pencil case- Linnea pith

Pencil case with upcycled jeans lining. This design features the innermost cells, called the pith, of the stem in a Linnea borealis (twinflower) plant. The pith cells are used for storage of nutrients within plants. This joyful cellular design is our homage to the Swedish botanist Carl von Linné. The pencil case comes with a small microscope charm attached to the zipper.

Our pencil cases are sewn in Sweden. They make a great gift-package together with one of our notebooks.

275.00 kr


Product: Pencil case with zipper closure. 21 long, 7cm wide bottom, 7cm high. Triangular shape.

Material: Outer side 100% linen (185 gsm), grown and woven in Belarus (in an OEKO-Tex certified mill), printed and sewn in Lithuania. Lining: upcycled jeans (can vary in colour). The pencil cases are sewn in Umeå, Sweden.

Pattern: Stem pith in Linnea borealis (twinflower). Choose blue or green.

Recommended care: Machine wash at 40°C.

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