Notebook – Fritillaria ovules

Spiral-bound A5 sized notebook with 80 off-white, blank pages (130 g/m2) in our symmetric, contrasted fritillaria ovule design.

Fritillaria meleagris, aka the snake’s head fritillary, is a popular bulbous garden plant and has been featured in several episodes of our Flora and Friends podcast during spring 2021. To honour fritillaria with a design we have released this notebook. The symmetric elements originate from the ovules inside the female reproductive organ at the centre of the flower. Upon pollination, pollen grains will fertilize the ovules and seeds will develop. This design reminds us about the fascinating circle of life and all the possibilities that life holds for us. Use the notebook to journal on your visions, dreams and goals and be reminded that there is a new chance to get started every morning.

Our notebooks are made in Sweden on EU Ecolabel, FSC certified paper.

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A handy notebook for sketches, notes, journaling, meeting notes or whatever you like to have it for.

Design: Fritillaria ovules. The backside of the notebook shows the original microscopy image and an explanation of the origin of the design.

Size: A5 (21x16cm)

Paper: 80 pages off-white, blank paper in 130g/m2. Wood- and chlorine-free, certified EU Ecolabel and FSC.

Spiral: black

The notebooks are produced in Sweden.

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