Linen toiletry bag set — Flax fiber cells

A practical toiletry set composed of a lined toiletry bag (28x20cm) with zipper closure and a draw string bag (15x15cm) in a matching pattern for small items. The pattern in blue shades features fiber cells in a flax (linum) plant. The cell walls around fiber cells are made of highly oriented cellulose strands, which disperse polarized light from the microscope into the rainbow-like colours used for this design. These long fibers cells are also what linen fabric is made of.

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Product: Set of one linen toiletry bag 28x20cm with zipper closure and linen lining and a drawstring bag 15x15cm for small items.

Material: 100% linen (185 gsm) woven in an OEKO-Tex 100 certified weaving mill in Belarus, printed and sewn in Lithuania.

Pattern: ⁠This pattern features isolated flax fiber cells under polarized light microscope.

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