Linen placemat set – Flax fiber and Isolated cells

This pack of two double-sided placemats lets you enjoy both our very dense flax fiber and our very airy isolated cells patterns depending on your mood!


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Product: Set of two double-sided placemats with different designs on front and back. 33 x 45 cm

Material: The fabric is 100% linen (185 gsm) OEKO-Tex 100 certified grown and woven in Belarus, printed and sewn in Lithuania. Insulating filling: Polyester

Care of use: Recommended washing at 40°C.

Patterns: The first pattern features linen fibre cells from flax plants under a polarized microscope. The fibre cells form in tight bundles in the outer stem layers.  The fibre bundles are long and strong and can be peeled right out of the stem by hand using tweezers. The second  “bubbles”  pattern represents isolated cells from an Arabidopsis plant under the microscope.  When cell walls are removed from plant cells, the cells become round. These manipulated cells, called “protoplasts” are commonly used in research.

Price is for a pack of two.

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