Linen kitchen towel – Laccaria hyphae green

The pattern on this linen kitchen towel is actually a fungus and not a plant. The fine structures are hyphae, which are fungal cells. Laccaria bicolor is a fungus that forms a beneficial relationship with tree roots in the forest. It’s much used for research purposes as it can be easily cultivated in the lab. Find a variety of matching kitchen towels in our webshop for a colourful kitchen.


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Product: Kitchen towel 45x65cm with one-sided print (backside white).

Material: 100% linen (185 gsm) OEKO-Tex 100 certified grown, woven and printed in the Baltic area.

Pattern: This design features our Laccaria hypha pattern. Actually a fungus and not a plant.

Care of use: Recommended washing at 40°C.

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