Linen fabric – innumerable fibers

Geometrical pattern with a scientific twist, available in black or white, printed on linen (185 or 150 gsm softened, 1.46 m width).
Fiber cells in an aspen tree stem under the light microscope. The thick walls provide stability to stems, and energy and building material to us.

Prices for fabrics are per 0.5m and fabrics are sold by an increment of 0.5m. Please indicate the length you wish to order as a multiple of 0.5m (e.g. Quantity 2 for 1m, 3 for 1.5m…). Fabrics of the same design will be shipped in one piece. Maximum length: 5meters (=Quantity 10). For longer pieces or wholesale prices, please contact us.

297.00 kr


Product: Linen fabric printed on one side (backside white), 1m46 wide. Suitable for home textiles, bags and clothing.

Material: 100% linen OEKO-Tex 100 certified grown and woven in Belarus, printed in Lithuania. Available as 185 gsm for home textile or 150 gsm softened linen for clothing. The softening procedure is mechanical and called “stone-washed” (mimicking the natural softening usually obtained through repeated washing), no additives were used.

Pattern: Vein structure in the leaf of an Arabidopsis plant. Veins are the transport routes for water, minerals and sugar inside the plant.

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