Linen cushion cover – Laccaria hyphae green

This linen cushion cover’s (45×45 cm, 18x 18 inch) pattern is actually a fungus and not a plant. The fine structures are hyphae, which are fungal cells. Laccaria bicolor is a fungus that forms a beneficial relationship with tree roots in the forest. It’s much used for research purposes as it can be easily cultivated in the lab.
This cushion cover is available in green and fits a filling of 50x50cm (20 x 20 inch) size. The cushion cover is sold without the filling.




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Product: Cushion cover (45×45cm, 18×18 inch), printed with two similar sides. Zipper closure. Fits a cushion of 50x50cm (20 x 20 inch) .

Material: 100% linen (185 gsm), grown and woven (in an OEKO-Tex certified mill) in the Baltic area, printed and sewn in Lithuania.

Pattern: This design features our Laccaria hypha pattern. Actually a fungus and not a plant.

Recommended care: Machine wash at 40°C.

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45 x 45cm



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