Linen convertible bag — Pine needle

Vivid and energetic blue pattern showing a cross section through a pine needle under the microscope. It will certainly lift any outfit (used as a bag) or room (used as a cushion) with its vibrant color and surprising pattern.

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Product: Two-sided printed tote bag (35×35 cm). Straps are sturdily attached to the bag by buttons and can be detached to become a cushion cover fitting a cushion up to 40×40 cm.

Material: 100% linen (185 gsm) OEKO-Tex 100 certified grown and woven in Belarus, printed and sewn in Lithuania.

Pattern: ⁠The focal point is the resin duct of a pine needle, visible as white structures in this pattern. Resin gives the pine its typical scent and is a repellent against herbivores feeding on needles.

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