Linen apron – Birch bark

Apron in linen featuring bark (cork) cells in birch nicely stained in blue by a standard microscopy dye. Cork cells are thin, air-filled cells that form a protective layer on the surface of the tree trunk. Birch bark cells contain a molecule called betulin, which may protect birch trees against pathogenic fungi and microorganisms. Betulin also gives the bark its typical white color.

70cm wide apron with an adjustable neck strap that goes through the side-seams of the upper part of the apron, and one large front pocket with two separate compartments.

A practical piece for home and garden. Please note, kitchen towel and oven glove are not included in the price.


625.00 kr


Product: Apron with one-sided print (backside white) and printed straps. Two size options available.

Material: 100% linen (185 gsm) OEKO-Tex 100 certified grown and woven in Belarus, printed and sewn in Lithuania.

Pattern: This pattern features birch bark cells dyed for microscopy in the laboratory.

Size options: 70cm wide.

Care of use: Recommended washing at 40°C.

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100cm wide, 70cm wide


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