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Phoenix from the Ashes – Controlled forest burning

What to expect

My guest Julia Carlsson is one of the project leaders for the EU project Life taiga, that reunites 14 county administrative boards in their mission to enhance forest values and biodiversity through controlled forest burning. In this interview Julia shares
– what the benefits of controlled forest burning are
– how it is done
– how controlled burning is used in other areas of the world
– where you can visit sites of controlled burning

Brew yourself a cup of tea and enjoy this interview.

Flames in a forest understory
Controlled forest burning in progress. Picture by Ylva Norén

Experience it yourself

Julia shares in the podcast that there are nature trails in areas where controlled burning has been carried out. These areas have usually signs for visitors explaining the biodiversity and structures arising form the controlled burning. Below we have linked to a few of them in Sweden.

And more information (in Swedish) is available here. And if you don’t live in Sweden, you can experience controlled forest burning by watching the video below about the Life Taiga project.

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