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Pelargonium – Visiting their many habitats (part 2)

Pelargoniums in a changing climate

My interview guest for this episode is Matija Strlic, chairman of the International Geraniacea Group. Matija has collected Pelargoniums for more than 25 years and has travelled the world to observe them in their natural habitat. This interview was released in two separate episodes. The first part can be found here.

In this second part of my interview with Matija you will discover
– Why climate change is especially impacting plants in small, geographical niches
– What the value of biodiversity is for our world
– What you should never do when you find interesting plants in the wild
– Where you should go in South Africa when you want to see a large diversity of Pelargoniums in their natural habitat.
– Whether you need a greenhouse to be able to grow Pelargoniums
– What the International Geraniaceae group can do for you
– Where you can find information and pictures about Pelargoniums and their habitats

Some tips to learn and see more

In the first part of my interview with Matija, released in the last episode, he took us on an exciting journey to different places, many but not all in South Africa, and shared how geology, surface topology and the oceans around the Cape of South Africa shape an enormous diversity of Pelargonium habitats.

The place that Matija recommends for seeing Pelargoniums in South Africa is Pakhuis Pass near Clanwilliam.

Learn more about the International Geraniaceae Group

Matija’s Pelargonium website for those who want to enjoy a digital visit of the many habitats and the different Pelargonium species.

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