Our products are ethically-produced in small family-run businesses in Europe, using materials farmed in proximity and adapting to the highest standards (OEKO-Tex). As linen is one of the most environmentally-friendly textiles, owing to its quick growth without requiring large inputs of water or agricultural chemicals, we selected a range of linen fabrics. We aim to expand our fabric collection in the future with additional novel sustainable materials. We use digital printing for our patterns, which generates minimal amounts of waste while ensuring a great print quality for our unique designs.

Sustainable solutions
We consider sustainable solution in all steps of our process, from production to packaging and shipping. We reuse packaging material as much as accessible. When buying packaging material we avoid plastic, choose FSC-certified and recycled paper products and work with as little packaging as possible yet still guaranteeing protection of your orders during shipping. All our products include labels or sleeves with information about the origin of the pattern. Paper sleeves also replace the need of any plastic wrappings.