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New podcast series – A journey into the woods

Join us on a journey into the woods!

We are delighted to take you onto a journey into the woods in this upcoming podcast series.
Forest are so much more than trees, they harbour many different organisms. Our series focusses on the diversity of the flora in the forest, plants, fungi and likens and on the meaning of forests as well as the consequences that human activity has on this important and complex ecosystem. Discover in this short introductory trailer what to expect in the upcoming episodes, that will be released every 2nd Wednesday.

Would you like to ask questions to our podcast interview guests? Reach out to us through our contact form to let us know which questions related to our forests burn on your heart.Follow us on Instagram  or Facebook and watch out for the post where we announce new interviews guest and ask your questions there.Every podcast episode is accompanied by a blog-post here in our blog.

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