Make your conference bag stand out!

Let us design a unique conference bag for your scientific event! With our convertible linen bags,  you can offer your conference attendees a unique, practical and sustainable souvenir from your symposium. The handles of this convertible bag can easily be removed to transform it into a beautiful linen pillow-cover.
The convertible bag is our solution for reducing the scientists’ pile of unused conference bags at home. First, it’s handy to carry conference items during the event. Because of its fascinating microscopy design it will even attract views from people out in the street. Afterwards, it can be compactly folded and taken home in the participants luggage. And lastly, participants can remove the straps at home, pop a pillow into it and keep this conference souvenir as a beautiful decorative item at their work-place or  home. 

Personalized, unique bag design

You may choose a pattern from our database with a large variety of plant microscopy designs. Or, provide us with a microscopy image from your scientific domain (not limited to plant science). From the image we create a stunning, memorable design just for your event. Furthermore, we personalize your bags with logos printed on the handles, attached as tags or a custom solution developed with you. We value sustainable solutions and produce our bags from linen in Europe. However, for events in other places of the world, we may partner up with local suppliers. This is a great way to keep transport routes short and to support your local business community. Because of the work involved in this process, allow for at least 3-4 months for design and production to receive your conference bags in time. 

Reach out to us! We are looking forward to working with you to design a conference bag that stands out!