Give your conference attendees more than yet another conference bag!

Scientists participate in many conferences over the course of their career and, as a result, accumulate a collection of conference bags. As a scientific event organizer, you may therefore ask yourself whether or not you should provide your attendees with yet another bag. On one hand, it’s a practical way to distribute printed conference programs, city maps, and sponsor information together with a few pens and goodies. On the other hand, a bag that ultimately ends up in the waste bin at the hotel room is certainly not an environmentally sustainable choice.

Two persons sitting with conference bags

How can you deliver a conference bag that is practical, that participants will have use of even beyond your event, and that spreads the word about your organization or event? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there were conference bags that were sustainably produced, that your attendees could use in other ways after the event, that are compact and easy to fit into their suitcase and that have a unique design that makes your event stand out and be remembered? What could make conference attendees think “wow, this is going to be a great event, these people really think outside the box” when they pick up their conference bag at the reception desk? We have found answers to these questions!

Convertible conference bags that make your event stand out!

Together with a sewing company we have designed convertible conference bags in 100% linen with a diversity of attractive features. Firstly, they can be easily turned into a cushion cover for a versatile long-term use of the bags after the event. This is made possible by the handles that are attached with buttons and can be removed. The buttons can then be used to close the bag as a cushion cover. Secondly, the prints of the bags are patterns made from microscopy images. You can either pick a design from our (plant) microscopy database, or you provide us with a microscopy image of your area of research. Thirdly, all production is done in Europe from sustainably produced, OEKO-tex certified linen. Our partners print the patterns onto linen with digital pigment inks, which is yet another environmentally friendly step in our production pipeline. In conclusion you get a smart, environmentally and innovative conference bag with a clear scientific touch.

Linen convertible bag

Order and production process

Ideally, you contact us 5-6 months prior to your conference. After that, we start with a non-binding meeting. We discuss the conference subject and your required designs, and settle on whether we propose some of our own designs or opt for a custom-made pattern. Three work-days after our discussion you will receive a written offer comprising all costs for design, production and delivery. Upon written acceptance this becomes your order. One week after having received your order, a down payment of 50%, and any necessary image files, we will send you a suggestion of 3 conference bag design alternatives. You select your favorite model, and we will start the production process on our side. If you choose a custom-made design, we will first test-print your pattern on linen and receive the tests for control in our office. We will provide you with images of the test-prints. Finally, we will proceed to bag production and delivery. After reception we will invoice the second payment of 50% for your order.And a minimum of input time from your side is required to make your unique conference bag come to life. That’s what we are here for.

conference bag order process


Depending on your desires and the amount of bags needed, as well as high/low season in production at the end of our partners, production times can slightly vary. We want to make sure that you get your bags well in time and that we have the required time for our quality control during the process. Ideally you contact us 6 months prior to your event. However, we may still be able to help you even if you contact us as little as 3 months before the event. Please note that we do not keep a large amount of stocks but we have designs that we have test-printed and previously produced that we can offer to you and that can go right into production as soon as you inform us. All this depends on the volume that you need. We have the capacity to produce a up to 1500 bags and you can have your conference logos printed onto the handles of the bags.


Developed and loved by scientists

As plant biologists familiar with academic research, we know how annoying it can be to get the 27th plain cotton bag with a conference logo printed on top, that lands in pile for taking home future grocery shopping. But how many of those bags do we really need? We decided to give conference bags a second life by making them convertible and to use them to stimulate scientific curiosity. Because the pandemic cancelled all the conferences, we have instead delivered our bags as gifts for employees to universities, which is a great way for scientific employers to brighten the day of their staff. These bags have been very popular with our clients, as the design is unique and beautiful and the product itself comes with an alternative use as cushion or bag. It makes the bags a versatile product.  

Tell us about your scientific event at the bottom of this page and we’ll contact you for a first, non-binding (online) meeting to hear more.

three convertible conference bag
Convertible bags with designs from Arabidopsis (pink), aspen (grey) and pine (blue)

Convince yourself of the quality

We are happy to send you a sample of our convertible bags so that you can convince yourself on the quality of the product. If you decide not to continue with our offer you are welcome to send it back. If needed, you can request print samples during the process of production. We have a defined quality control checklist at our production site that all Flora-L products are going through. The first payment is only required after you have accepted our offer in written.

Is the price of our bags may be too high for your budget? Let’s get in touch and see what we could offer at your budget. Or is your conference too soon? If it is small then we may still be able to produce what you need. We are happy to figure out what we can do for you.

Whom our offer is for

Our offer is ideal for you if you:

  • Are organizing a scientific event within the next 4-6 months (or more)
  • Your conference size is between 50 and 1500 participants
  • Your conference will take place in Europe where our production is situated. We can deliver even to countries outside Europe, however we want to make you aware of customs dues and more expensive delivery costs.
  • You are looking for a sustainably produced product
  • You value a memorable design

Our offer is NOT for you:

  • If quality or production ethics do not matter for you
  • If you need bags in a hurry
  • If you just want your logo printed on a plain bag
  • If you want print on ready made bags (we print on fabrics and sew the bags from that)

Who we are

We are plant biologists active in various areas of science. Our experience with scientific conferences originates from being attendees or helping with conference organization. We have completed our scientific education with expertise in textile design and built our production with our partners through the Enterprise Europe Network, carefully sourcing our materials and partners for sustainability and ethical production. Our passion for textiles and sewing has inspired us to create the convertible bag, which we have  developed, prototyped, tested and validated by ourselves. Flora-L Design is based in Sweden. You can read more about us here.

Reasons to order the Flora-L convertible bag for your scientific event

  • We fully execute a custom design
  • 3 design suggestion to choose from
  • Sustainable fabrication
  • Environmentally friendly and pleasant material (100% linen)
  • Conference bags with unique designs matching the subject of your event
  • Double usage of the bags as cushion covers
  • Memorable conference gift that makes your event stand out
  • Produced by scientists for scientists
  • Customer-friendly service
  • Delivery from the factory directly to your conference site for reduced shipping costs

Fill out the form below and we will get back to you during the next days.